Etrepreneur ul McCoy brought Helping  froom Canada and changed its name Helping Hand to give busy American home owners a reliable, professional, affordable solution to messy, dirty houses. Residents of the competitive university town took advantage of the new home cleaning service, which quickly expanded to communities in other states. American workers are among the most productive in the entire world and have been for decades. Dual-income families are a fixture and so are work weeks and commutes that stretch beyond 40 hours into nights and weekends. Kids have homework, practice, rehearsals, sports meets, and a variety of other activities that require many parents to spend even more time out of the house. Working most commonly on a weekly or every other week schedule, Helping Hand gives busy individuals and families clean, comfortable homes to return to and enjoy—homes cleaned according to their individual wishes and services backed by a 24-hour satisfaction guarantee. Thanks to the success of Helping Hand McCoy was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame in 2013. McCoy says, “I always tell people that Helping Hand is a simple business: We clean houses.”
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